Our company consists of young, dynamic, and skilled individuals who have strong credentials and are very experienced in their respective fields. Our experts represent such industries as banking, construction, education, trade and business, and others. Furthermore, all of our staff is multilingual, which extends our reach to greater clientele. Each request is supervised by an appropriate consultant with the input from other relevant personnel.


ConsulExpress receives numerous questions and does its best to answer all of them promptly. At the initial stage, delegated consultant reviews the request and establishes a connection with the customer in order to clarify all the aspects of the problem. Then he/she analyzes the issue and responds the customer. If the problem involves more than one subject, it is reviewed by a group of our experts.



ConsulExpress is a New York based consultancy company formed jointly by a group of professionals representing various industries. Each member, having encountered different obstacles at some point of their life, came to realize that very often it is indeed a time consuming and costly affair to tackle a problem on your own. By combining our expertise and resources, we were able to deal with our problems more effectively and efficiently, which in turn provided us with this opportunity.